National Workforce Development Month

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Workforce Development Training Fund

The Workforce Development Training Fund is funded through interest earned from the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and through an appropriation of State General Funds by the Wyoming State Legislature.

The fund provides an opportunity for Wyoming citizens and businesses to invest in increasing the skills of the workforce. The goal of the fund is to not only grow the skills of workers, but strengthen businesses operating in the state to create a more economically viable Wyoming. The fund is also an important tool used by economic development entities to entice new businesses to relocate, build and grow in Wyoming The Workforce Development Training Fund.

Success Story

Array, Inc. is Wyoming’s first accelerated institution that emphasizes computer programming and graphic design with the goal of filling high-demand technology jobs that currently exist all around the state. As a private school, one of our largest challenges is providing tuition assistance for our students. The Department of Workforce Service’s Pre-Hire Grant has played a vital role in the growth of our school. The Pre-Hire grant has allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of our program and has opened the door for more prospective students to consider attending. Without the Pre-Hire grant, we would not be in the position that we are today and our mission to help diversify Wyoming’s economy and provide the workforce with new talent would be a much more significant hurdle and not the accelerated growth we are experiencing today. ~ Eric Trowbridge, Headmaster & Executive Director, Array, Inc